Time to wake up, America

To the editor:

The reason why we see the abuses occurring in government today is because the government of our Forefathers was replaced with a spurious government during the Lincoln era.

Lincoln, who sought to preserve our form of government, was fearful all would be lost had the Confederacy won the Civil War. Lincoln, being advised by his closest advisers, changed our form of government from a dejure form of government to a defacto government. What is amazing is how he was able to implement this relatively unnoticed by the populous. By setting up a defacto government, Lincoln could do things that he would not have been able to do under the Constitution. So, understand that our nation ceased from being a Republic back when Lincoln was president.

What is interesting is that Lincoln was killed before returning our nation to the dejure government or republic. It makes one wonder if he was killed to prevent our nation’s return to a republic. I believe the man who killed Lincoln did so by the order of conspirators who understood that America was ripe for hostile takeover as her true form of government had been mothballed and put on a shelf while a spurious government was in its place. It is possible these same conspirators were part of his administration and were involved on both sides, North and South to instigate the war, then urge Lincoln to change government to defacto. This may be the reason why you don’t read about it in our history books, as they sought to keep it secret.

Had it not been secret, Lincoln’s true murderers could have been implicated. So today exists a fake government capable of violating constitutional amendments as it pleases. Yet, it is all for show as the government in place is spurious and all changes to the Constitution are spurious. Yet, as long as Americans continue accepting this spurious government, things will continue to get worse as evil men seek to destroy America, which is the world’s biggest threat to globalism. Today Americans are being robbed blind as we see this false government time after time after time pay hundreds of millions of bailout dollars to companies controlled by the globalists who seek America’s destruction.

The final icing on the cake is to divide and conquer. Today our nation has been divided and the possibility of a second Civil War looms over our nation like a dark cloud preparing to storm. If folks would open up their eyes to see that issues like constitutional violations, abortion, homosexuality, removing God from all facets of government are all issues created by the globalists to divide our nation, it is possible America may not go down in the history books as the nation that once basked in the greatest freedom ever known to man other then God’s gift of grace and foolishly allowed it to slip away. Wake up, America. Don’t go down in history as the land of fools.

Randal M. Sims Sr.