Save buses in Wintersville

To the editor:

I’m writing concerning the shutdown of the bus services to the Wintersville area provided by the Steel Valley Regional Transit Authority. I, like others, depend on this mode of transportation to get to the store, the doctors, school and to take care of personal business that may arise. But, the village officials of Wintersville have decided that this service is no longer needed for this area, but this is so untrue and unjust to leave people stranded without any transportation who are unable to drive and have no other means of getting around.

How is it that the village can decide that this service is no longer needed without letting the people decide for themselves if it’s needed. Will the village ensure that these people have a way to their doctor appointments, take them shopping and take them to school as well? Children get transported back and forth to school using this bus service, and if their parents work they will have no way to school.

I thought this country was a democracy and that the people had the right to choose for themselves what they want or need. The village of Wintersville never even put this issue on the ballot for the people to vote and make the decision about keeping this service running. Because they don’t use it, they think we don’t need it. Everyone doesn’t have the money to purchase a car and needs to get around at an affordable price, and the SVRTA is the most available and economical way for most people to get from place to place in this area.

I think they should give the people a chance to vote on this issue and voice their opinions on whether or not this service is needed in the Wintersville area. Just because they don’t use it doesn’t mean other people don’t. Don’t leave us stranded in Wintersville – save the Wintersville bus route.

Robert Allen Cooper