Questions of faith

To the editor:

What is our value if we do not stand boldly for our freedom to believe in that which is so much greater than ourselves?

It wasn’t very long ago that I listened to the words: “No matter what we do, no matter where we come from, no matter how we worship, we are all still one.”

When did those words fail to mean anything?

We are humankind and make many mistakes but strive to do better by faith.

I cannot make someone believe in that faith if they refuse to do so. It would be like forcing someone to believe that wildflowers bloom each spring.

How can I explain the song of the sparrow if people close their ears to the beauty of the melody? If we do not experience the intricate beauty of a rose or a snowflake that has its own unique design, how can faith be accepted?

Do I say that all seasons have an awesome perfection that is a gift to us, not just a coincidence?

Why doesn’t anyone take the time to sit back and notice this magical, mystical beauty? What makes all of this possible?

I cannot make anyone believe that faith, hope and love are not a product of man, but of God.

I can’t force anyone to feel the joy of holding a newborn baby and know this little life is not a political issue, but a God-given right.

Do we reach out to those who need us, or do we always find fault in whatever they say or do?

Do we discriminate against anyone when they need our hand in friendship?

Do we all fall shorts in goodness, generosity and faithfulness. Is it an error, in this new age of thinking, to be modest or have any self-control?

Isn’t it a shame that all of this is being attacked for no reason?

What is our worth if we refuse to honor life, protect liberty and pursue happiness?

What is our purpose if we cannot be the voice and strength of those who are vulnerable to harm?

We all live with the hopes and dreams that all people can live in unity.

Sometimes, those dreams are dashed by those who need their own private merit, but never by a loving God.

Is he with us always? Most definitely. Is he unsubstantiated? Read the Bible and seek true wisdom.

He created the universe. What did mankind create?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork