Many help make Mingo beautiful

To the editor:

Due to the hard financial problems in Mingo Junction, Ron and I would like to thank the revitalization committee and all the citizens who have donated their time in trying to help clean up and improve our town. All of you have done such a great job. The corner lot adjacent to our municipal building has been transformed into a lovely seating area with bench and flowers. I believe it is now being called Holly’s Corner. A young woman named Holly shared her vision for the lot at one of the meetings I had attended and, with the help of many volunteers, it became a reality. A big thank you to Holly and all who were involved in this project.

Ron and I were passing through town on our way to the pharmacy and we witnessed many volunteers from the committee sweeping the streets, planting flowers, pulling weeds, cutting grass, etc., while preparing for community days. Also, later that day, as we were riding down toward the Logan Street exit, I noticed one of Mingo Junction’s postal workers cutting and trimming around the trees. There have been numerous residents who have volunteered on their own time to cut grass at the cemetery, paint fences and work at cleaning up the park. Even a group of young volunteers from out of town came to help.

Everyone working together and giving of their time has made such a difference , and it has not gone unnoticed. This has greatly helped our city crew, which, as you know, is greatly understaffed. we may be a small village, but Ron and I have lived here all of our lives and have come to know many of our wonderful citizens, and they still take pride in our town – and rightfully so.

Due to the illnesses of Ron and our daughter-in-law, Jen, we have not been able to participate as we would have liked to, so we would like to take this time to thank everyone for his or her patience, prayers and support while both of us are trying to recover. I t means everything to us.

May God bless all of you. You have helped bring this town together, and may God bless this town. Our hats go off to all of you.

Pam DiCarlo

Mingo Junction