Be careful with freedoms

To the editor:

From the persecutions of the Roman Emperors to the Kulturkamph of Bismarck, from “Mein Kamph” and the attempt at a National Socialist Church to the anti-Christian pogroms of the Soviets and the Peoples Church of China, those with tyrannical tendencies first attack freedom of religion, especially the Judeo-Christian heritage. It is one of the most consistently attacked, fought against and rejected.

The Bible’s Exodus 20 tells us “In those days God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses” as a minimum condition for entry into the kingdom of heaven. In these days, the federal government wants those who faithfully obey those commandments, especially the one about not murdering, to be punished and face financial ruin. The HHS mandates add a new chapter in assault on religious belief; all who will not participate in the destruction of the unborn will be fined into poverty. Those business owners with 50 employees or more will be fined $100 per day per employee. Individuals will be forced to buy insurance, financially contributing to the slaughter of the unborn. Obstinately, President Barack Obama has promised to veto any amendments restoring conscience protection.

These, to whom religion and faith mean nothing, in their quest for absolute power, refuse to concede that “when temporal authority presumes to prescribe laws or the soul, they encroach on God’s government. (Martin Luther, ‘Temporal Authority.'”)

The Supreme Court has shown that no help in defending religious freedom can be expected from them. Chief Justice John Roberts has even given the administration a clue as to how to avoid First Amendment problems by renaming the financial penalty as a tax. Thus, for those who recognize this mandate as a grave sin, the only recourse seems to be pacific non-compliance for, “If, however, kings command things contrary to the Christian religion, they must be opposed.” (Honorius Augustodunensis, “Summa Gloria.”)

If this is to be the only recourse, those who refuse to comply will need support from a great part of the population. Even those who are not religious should be worried, for the ability to nullify one inherent freedom will encourage nullification of others. Agreement with, or apathy to the attack on one group’s freedom leads inevitably to loss of freedom for all.

“Save us by the power of your hand, father, for our enemies ignore your words.” (“Liturgy of the Hours.”)

Ed Bednar