Annual game shows the community cares

To the editor:

The eighth-annual Brian Pizzoferrato Memorial Baseball Game was held July 27 at Muth Field in Mingo Junction.

There was a large turnout of fans and players, all of those who played ball with him and knew him. It was a beautiful display of remembrance and love.

I want to give a big thank you to the guys who played, risking injury, and all of my family and friends who came. Also, thanks go to the Stromps – Sue, Dave Sr. and Dave Jr. – for all of their efforts.

Also, thanks to all of the donors and sponsors who were so generous and the umpires and field crew, who also donated their time.

Brian’s son, Ronnie, now 14, came up from Florida to throw out the first pitch. All proceeds go to an education fund for him.It all shows that there’s still lots of love left in our town. A thankful and proud dad says may the good Lord bless you all.

Ron Pizzoferrato

Mingo Junction