Continuing to destroy Constitution

To the editor:

Here’s what our Constitutional scholar president has done to destroy our Constitution.

We have to take his word that he’s a scholar since we can’t view his transcripts.

Amendment I, spied on news journalist, our phone and e-mail messages, mandates religions follow his policy. II, Gun control, first step toward confiscation. (See Hitler, 1933). III, Asset forfeiture, don’t pay your Obumacare bill, see what happens to your bank account, house. IV,

Couldn’t stand Patriot Act as a senator, now he drones anybody. IX, Judicial activism. X, Federal supremacy.

For the valley amigo illuminati across the water, you’ll find the above amendments under Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States.

Here’s a quote from our real president, Valerie Jarrett: “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Not with us, you’re against us. We don’t forget. Help us you’ll be rewarded. Oppose us get what you deserve.”

We have two judges ready for the Supreme Court. Isn’t this person just darling? She and Obuma know that people understand socialism destroys freedom. So Obuma, Dept. of Injustice head Holder, Jarrett, Hilary, Reid & Pinocchio Pelosi sell it as “progressivism,” “economic democracy,” “social justice.”

And the latest, from a lawyer representing Trayvon Martin’s family, since she didn’t like the verdict “social engineering.” Americans better take notice, these type of loons are little by little destroying the greatest nation ever. They think their utopia of holding hands and giving everything to everybody will save the world. Their dream is a nightmare, but they don’t see it.

Obuma swore to uphold the Constitution and our laws. So what does this fake do?

He’s not implementing a part of his Obumacare law. Guess he thinks since it’s “his” law he can do whatever he wants with it. Another example of his elitism.

The individual mandate requiring individuals to pay is still enforced. But his buddy Warren Buffet got a pass on implementing employer contributions for a year.

By the way, Obuma postponed the effective date from January 2014 to January 2015, except for individuals.

Think he did it to save Democrat jobs in Congress? He knew they couldn’t justify Obumacare in the midterms.

Teamsters, and two other unions wrote to Obuma explaining it’s going to cut back their members’ hours, benefits. Oh, shock.

Liberals that can’t argue facts, imply or drop the racist word to detract from the argument or say “sore loser.”

Can I prove it? Sure. Read my letters, then the comments on the Herald-Star comment posts.

Want to see sore losers and racists? Those that disagree with the Zimmermen verdict.

Biggest one is bubblehead Al Sharpton. Now there’s a racist and loser. He had no problem with the O. J. verdict.

Using the same logic the lame media used by defining George Zimmerman a “white” Hispanic, then if Obuma is ever on trail he must be a “white” African. Confusing, isn’t it?

Don’t like the verdict? Get Holder to change it, riot. Disgusting.

See any conservatives riot after the ruling by Roberts on Obumacare?

Barry Bardone