Time to restore Christianity

To the editor:

Is there no patriot blood left in the hearts of the American people? Have all traces of righteousness and morality been destroyed?

They have attacked our God, our families and our republic. They are attacking our Constitution non-stop. Have they extinguished all traces of patriot blood from the hearts of Americans? Anyone who doesn’t believe they aren’t coming for your guns, you are only fooling yourself.

I hear many say only when they pry my gun from my cold dead hands. They won’t have to take your gun by force. You will be forced to give your guns to them or lose your homes. This is happening in Canada. They will come after the individuals. They will take our guns because we won’t stick together.

I am a Christian and I don’t believe in violence, but the blood of my Founders pumps in my heart. That blood is Christian. If our Founders were alive today they would be meeting again behind closed doors in Philadelphia, recognizing that tyrants have changed their Republic to Socialized Democracy. Our Founders said their Constitution would not work if used by ungodly, unrighteous men. Why do you think these evil people are working so hard to change or rewrite our Constitution?

I don’t know how much more the patriots of this nation will take. I fear the worst as I see more and more of our freedoms fading away. I pray all Americans will wake up to the attacks on our God, our Constitution and our people by globalist elite who seek to destroy our sovereignty or our nation.

I remember a term used in World War II about waking the sleeping giant, waking America. If ever a time for waking the sleeping giant, it is now. The first step to restoring this Christian republic is remembering we the people were the first-born Christian nation. The first step to saving American is returning to God and repent of our sins, on the national and personal levels. Let the new definition of Americans read, “We the People are Christian.”

Randall Sims Sr.