Memories of Belleview Pool

To the editor:

It gave me a feeling of pride for my hometown of Steubenville to read that the remaining pool will be open this summer for its citizens. I spent a large part of my many summers at the pool, like so many of my classmates from the Big Red Class of 1952.

The three-story structure in the background reminded me that my now deceased oldest sister enjoyed many dances on the second floor of the club house, but the dances were discontinued by the time I “grew up.” However, we were very fortunate to have Swing Haven, where we socialized.

The third floor provided living quarters for the late Frank Linton and his family. Frank was the longtime director of parks and recreation, and the father of two girls, one of which was the late Dorothy Linton Yohn, my dearest friend from childhood, and I also spent many hours in the small apartment on the third floor. I hope all of Steubenville enjoys a happier summer, thanks to the efforts of those who are dedicated to the city to ensure a vibrant part of their community will be open.

I live in North Carolina now, but I plan to move back to the Columbus area in July – Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

Kay (Katherine) Lisle Haines

SHS Class of 1952

Raleigh, N.C.