Dean Martin spirit remains strong

To the editor:

They came from Alabama, Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Ireland … yes, the country. And, they came just to take part in the Dean Martin Festival in Dean Martin’s home town. Some were first-time visitors, and others familiar faces who re-visit each year. They all vowed to return.

There is a certain mystique that surrounds Dean Martin fans. It’s a thing that is hard to explain. It’s a feeling of admiration and joy that a person feels just being around Dino fans. They want to know about his younger days and take pictures of where he gambled, lived, worked, went to school and went to church. They even take pictures of those who may have touched him as a child. Dean is more of an icon than some of us locals sometimes give him credit for being.

My hat goes off to JoJo DiAlbert for once again lining up the very fine entertainment at the Spot Bar on Thursday, Friday, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. A lot of hard work, finances and behind-the-scene extras go into producing a festival such as this. I salute Rose Angelica, who always thinks about the children and how the festival can keep the Dean Martin Scholarships alive and well by selling and auctioning memorabilia.

Although attendance was down somewhat this year and there always is room for improvement, the spirit remains strong and will carry on into another year.

Kathy Antinone

Dean Martin Festival

Committee member