Animals should be better protected

To the editor:

I cannot figure out why a person can go to jail if his or her dog kills a person, but will only get a small fine if the dog kills someone’s pet.

Why do human lives count for so much more than nonhuman? For example, my in-laws lost three cats (Marty, Ralph and Cody) in a matter of weeks because a couple of neighbors refused to tie up their own pitbulls after being warned several times and paid previous fines. Marty Cody, and Ralph were not only pets, but living reminders of a beloved lost son. These precious creatures kept my in-laws company, were healing entities in times of despair and memorials of wonderful times past.

They were slaughtered on their own porch and faced a horrible fate. These three cats were a huge loss to us, yet the dogs’ owners only received a $250 fine for each dog. How can this be justice? The law protects humans, but does not nearly protect pets as living beings should be protected. Dogs and cats are starving, and some are being tied outside with no shelter or water. Some are even being physically tortured and murdered as seen on the news. What has happened to our society? I have been frustrated over this issue for a while, but I have found little relief. The laws need to change to better protect animal rights and to accommodate the changing times.

Audrey Blackburn

Mingo Junction