America faces deep problems

To the editor:

Events are now, or should be, revealing to the American public our almost complete slide into fascism. My edition of Marion-Webster seems to be in collusion to obscure the true meaning of that word, listing only the historical manifestations and not the meaning of that concept. As a formalized political philosophy fascism was created by the deliberate fusion of the interests of industry and commerce with all the workings of civil and national government.

It should be clear by now to anyone paying even passing attention that the professional political class, the Democrats and the Republicans, are completely in the employ and service of powerful moneyed interests. As in Germany of the 1930s, Hitler’s political machine perverted and warped every bureaucratic agency turning them into instruments of control and punishment. The secret donors of the professional politicians are pouring millions of dollars into efforts to destroy every national and state agency that does not serve the purposes of powerful industrial and commercial organizations. The tea party has been mostly co-opted by these powerful interests and those elected under that banner are hard at work bringing Hitler’s vision to life again here.

But there is no difference between the two “teams.” Obama has reneged on every suggestion or intimation of real change. He never made any real promises, he’s too slick for that. In the mid-term election of 2006 the donation pattern of large contributors switched from a decade-long majority going to Republicans going instead to Democrats because those moneyed interests understood that public dissatisfaction with the war, Bush, and the Congress was going to result in widespread Democrat victory. And so we ended up with a “blue dog” Congress and Nancy Pelosi told us that impeachment was off the table.

Up until now we have been in the quiet slumber of what can be described as “inverted totalitarianism.” Either through apathy or fear the general populace is more or less subdued into accepting the destruction of every decent right, protection and expectation that so many of our ancestors fought to secure for everyone. I’m not talking about our soldiers, sailors and airmen, but labor, rights activists, and yes a once popular majority realization that environmental responsibility is a life necessity.

But now we are on the precipice of open totalitarianism. We have a vast secret security apparatus that can just as easily be used to suppress and punish lawful peaceful protest and opposition to our government’s actions and policies as easily as it can collect information on foreign “terrorists.” Many legislators, regulators and jurists are hard at work redefining lawful political association, assembly and speech as terrorism.

To life-long Democrats – it is not just Republicans destroying our nation, but also our own cowardly quislings. To staunch Republicans – it is not just Obama or “big government liberals” crushing your hopes and your dreams, but the evil gremlins you have sent to governor’s mansions, statehouses and Washington. All of them are in collusion to destroy effective government everywhere.

Vince Lawrence