Things to consider in Indian Creek

To the editor:

It’s hard to believe it, but I’ve been told by many people that the Indian Creek levy, to build a new high school, will be on the ballot again on Tuesday.

Even though voters have said “no” twice, the school district is determined to shove it down your throat. The odd thing is that they can keep finding the money to put it on the ballot, every election, but they can’t find enough money to run the schools efficiently.

What’s wrong with this picture? Can someone not deal with reality?

We’re not done paying for the new middle school, but the powers that be believe it’s a good fiscal decision to heap another multi-million dollar levy on taxpayers, as they struggle to pay off the middle school debt. That’s like making two mortgage payments for one house.

I’d like to see a tax bill included with each diploma presented to students, and their parents, at the next graduation ceremony. Maybe that would help reality set it. The bill could say, “Congratulations, you start your new life owing a share of a multi-million dollar debt that your parents, friends and neighbors have voted to give you.”

Don’t be alarmed, you’ll have until you’re age 55 to pay it off, if you remain in the area, or you can move to a new area and avoid it entirely. Just joking, you know this will never happen. Right?

For those who can’t understand how anyone could vote against the levy, you need to read the news portion of the newspaper, not just the sports or society pages. How would you deal with no street lights, no police and fire protection, limited snow removal in winter, limited garbage pickup and more than half the city maintenance people laid off? Not to mention roads that resemble a GM test track.

Remember how and why Wintersville and Mingo Junction schools merged? They wanted a share of the taxes paid by the mill. But even with the mill gone, some believe that life should go on like nothing has changed. They think it’s still valid to get some of that pension money and Social Security to make up for the shortage – and keep spending.

Many of these same people will tell you the national debt is too high, and the government must stop spending and make cuts to balance the budget. Hello.

But people should take on more debt, even if they’re unemployed, forced into early retirement and living on a fixed income? Does this make any sense at all?

We need to turn out and vote as we did in November. Turnout in primary elections is traditionally low, so don’t get steamrolled into higher taxes. Show up and vote or get ready to dig deeper into your savings and pensions. There’s no other place to get the money to pay for a new levy.

Stan Galownia

Mingo Junction