Special words on a special day

To the editor:

On this wonderful day, as we celebrate the most cherished person in our lives, I wonder how many women are carrying the gift of life within them.

Could his name be Abraham, Martin or John, and will he achieve the same greatness as those who proceeded him?

Can we imagine this baby, who develops, might be a doctor who changes medical history?

Will this pre-born human being bring beautiful music to the world that will calm the savage planet?

If I am a parent, will I see this child reach for the stars or discover new frontiers?

Will this miracle from God grow to be a statesman who will defend our rights as a nation?

Would I be the mother of someone who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize or the Medal of Honor?

Can I wonder if he will be a novelist, a scientist or even the president of the United States?

Will I watch his image on the ultrasound as he moves his arms and legs, fingers and toes?

I will be in awe as he turns and stretches and feels the protection in this place of love.

A small child grows within a woman of emotional strength and moral fiber. She finds joy in the possibility of recreating a new life from her own substance and being.

Then, one day, when least expected, he will reach out with a smile on his face and gratefulness in his heart and say, “I love you.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork