Board’s decision proves baffling

To the editor:

I am very confused.

The superintendent of schools, Mike McVey, stated there will be no comment or action until after the grand jury is done.

Now I read where the school board has given coach Reno Saccoccia a two-year contract.

Something is very wrong when a person is being looked at as possibly covering up a crime, and a school that educates young minds extends his contract. That is a very strong message that winning football games is far more important than teaching what is right.

Now, if the coach is found to have known nothing about the rape then, yes, he deserves to keep coaching, but if he knew and did nothing about it, then the Steubenville school district will look very bad.

By state law he has to report abuse since he is an educator. I’m just very baffled when McVey says one thing and does the opposite.

Nick Walls

O’Fallon, Mo.