Administration really knows nothing

To the editor:

In the 1850s there was a political party called the Know Nothing Party. Well, it’s back. It’s called Obama Administration. It stars the new comedy team of dumb (Attorney General Eric Holder), dumber (Hillary Clinton) and dumbest (Obuma). The three top government officials (Joker Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t count) have no knowledge of Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS political corruption and AP wiretaps. The valley amigos haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, they’re waiting for the first of the month.

These brilliant leaders claim they only just learned of these events in the newspaper or on television.

What a load of crap and liberals keep buying bags of it from them. These three liars use the same talking points: didn’t know, wasn’t me, it was a subordinate, this will not be tolerated, we’ll get to the bottom of it, and we’ll bring them to justice. Are these losers for real? They blow more smoke than a five-alarm fire.

Valley amigos argue that abortion is a constitutional right. It’s comical when they quote the Constitution that they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amigos, that’s from the Declaration of Independence. There is no place in the Constitution that grants the right to kill babies. Regardless what you say, a baby is a baby. But they use an interpretation by the Supreme Court that it’s a right. Amigos, I’ll live by the interpretation, but you have to live by the written words in the Constitution, the Second Amendment. Can liberals justify a botched aborted baby breathing outside the womb as not protected by the 14th Amendment? Liberals will have to research this one.

Notice how liberal loons criticize the writer because they can’t argue the point? What do liberals think about Obuma canceling flyovers, buglers, military bands playing our national anthem and no U.S. presence at foreign cemeteries during Memorial Day ceremonies? Why are five Democrat senators not running for re-election? Obumacare.

Why is a 15-year-old adult enough to purchase birth control and have an abortion without parental consent, yet 26-year-olds are children and may stay on mommy and daddy’s insurance? Why is (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid, D-Nev., trying to pass legislation to exempt himself and staff members from Obumacare? Why is the president allotting $150 million to teach people to fill out the 27-page application for Obumacare? Wasn’t it supposed to be easy for everyone?

Why doesn’t the president blame all Muslims for the murderous action of a few like he blames all legal gun owners for actions of a few? Why doesn’t the president say Muslims cling to their Koran and bombs, as he said rural Americans cling to their Bible and guns? Trust the IRS to monitor Obumacare?

On Jan. 2, see the mobs at doctors’ offices and hospital rooms wanting their free Obumacare. Wait, you’ll see.

Barry Bardone