Words to consider

To the editor:

May 1991 was a year of very strong prophetic fulfillment: Operations Moses, Solomon and Sheba, a biblical event that is one of the final signs that the ages are ending and the Messiah soon returns.

God promised to return the Jews back to the land that he had given to their fathers. We pause for a moment to be sure what we are communicating about. The age ending is not referring to the world.

With biblical support and secular history – President Bush set in motion an agreement for our naval exercises to operate off the coast of the Red Sea, while we air-lifted Ethiopian Jews back into Israel.

With Biblical support – read – Jeremiah 16:14, 15; Jeremiah 23: 3, 7, 8; and final chapters with Jeremiah 31:7, 8 verses.

These signs are indicators to Israel, and for their preparation and readiness, as well as ours.

The words: It is finished, John 19:30: “This is a definite reckoning.”

Roy W. Hunt