Voters cautioned about levy

To the editor:

I would like to caution the disregarded majority of voters in the Indian Creek School District. If you haven’t noticed, the bond levy is back on the May 7 ballot. The reason that you didn’t notice was because it was planned. No signs along the roadways, no endorsement in the newspapers and no notices of any support rallies. It looks like the plan is “let’s sneak it through.”

Let me elaborate on the sneak-through philosophy – not many candidates in this primary, low voter turnout. This is how it adds up. Many voters don’t see the need to vote. Then the patsies will be there to win what should have failed.

One more thing: When these members of the board run for re-election, the disregarded majority should disregard them. We need people on the board who show common sense. That’s what’s lacking now.

William R. Kopras,

Cross Creek Township