Think it’s bad now? Just wait

To the editor

The following is to inform valley amigos, Obuma-ites, uneducated, misguided voters of facts they’ll never see on MSNBC. Obama paid 18.6 percent in taxes – gee, that’s less than Warren Buffett’s secretary did. Why isn’t he paying his fair share? When their idol, who never received one vote in the Senate in four tries in favor of his budget, plays one golf weekend the expense equals 361 federal jobs. Amigos, need a job? Can you caddy? He closed White House, saying he couldn’t pay the Secret Service to protect it. Why were they reassigned elsewhere and not laid off? He’s hired 100,000 navigators at $48 an hour to explain Obamacare to people. They are coming from the ranks of unions and community organizations. Every state is compelled to hire these comrades. U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., said Obamacare is “complicated and will get worse.” It has more than 13,000 regulations. Obama in 2009 promised “you’ll keep your doctor, premiums will be lower and it will not add to deficit.” Lies – Section 3003 of Obamacare awards bonus points to hospitals to speed the release of seniors. Check it out, but you won’t. Ignorance is bless.

Those who work for a living and are not surviving off government trading gifts for votes will see their premiums increase between 42 percent and 121 percent, and businesses will cut hours and employees and will raise prices. Employers have to pay $63 per employee for three years to cover pre-existing conditions. Amigos, you have a clue where employers will get their money from? There are at least 21 new taxes coming in 2014 to try to cover $1.7 trillion that Obumacare will cost Americans instead of $800 billion Obama promised. I assume most amigos know the difference between trillion and billion.

MSNBC will never report on the Philadelphia baby killer, a black abortion doctor who killed seven black babies after they were born. He’s a multi-millionaire by talking poor people into having abortions. There are words for him but the paper won’t print them. Obama didn’t send a representative to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Was he too busy with the Boston bombing? He’ll bring those terrorists to justice just like he did the ones in Benghazi. Send Michelle, no, she’s too busy trying on wigs. The real reason: He hated her politics. She was an anti-socialist. She said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.” I’m surprised Obama didn’t our fly the flag half-staff for Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez.

In Bob Atkinson’s April 6 letter (“Goldfish in a bowl”) he thunders on about how the president has nothing to do with the price of gas. The letter is a prime example of a far-left loon deceiving, distorting and just lying. Shame on you for deceiving, distorting and just lying. Why do liberals say it’s greedy to want to keep the money you earn, but it’s not greed to want to take somebody else’s money? Think it’s bad now? Wait.

Barry Bardone