Questions about justice

To the editor:

On March 28 I read in the Herald-Star where a young gentleman named Justin Faulkner was driving a car without a valid driver’s license and went left of center and struck another car head-on and took another human being’s life (“Rayland teen admits to charge in fatal wreck.”) Juvenile and Probate Judge Samuel Kerr put him on probation, fined him, gave him community service and suspended his driving privileges.

To me that was a smack on the hand and telling him not to do it again. What in the world is the justice system in Jefferson County telling our children? That it is justifiable to get behind the wheel of a car and you can hit someone head-on and take the life on another human being and get a slap on the hands.

Will someone please explain to me how a 17-year-old can do this and not serve any time in a juvenile detention center, but if an adult would do the same thing, ends up in prison.

What happened to our justice system in the United States? This is truly a sad day for Danny Flaherty’s family.

Marjorie Ball

Mingo Junction