Open-air services needed

To the editor:

I’m the guy who reads his Bible on our city bus or who might read it in public, and once in awhile I’ll be seen reading it on a street corner, too.

My question is this: I want to ask a simple question for this Easter week to all – Has God come to Steubenville? I was walking on Fourth Street as people were gathering for the Jesus march, and I guess I was not properly dressed to walk or be invited, either, but the real reason I’m writing is to ask if there will ever be open air churches services in Steubenville?

For me to hear of crime, and not see an offer of hope to those who do it , I guess I’ll wait for them to go to church, which might be never, but I feel it’s up to us to do as God tells us to do – go out unto the public to preach the gospel. This is my question.

William Murray