Many helped with Dickinson event

To the editor:

I would like to thank the community of Toronto and the surrounding areas for another successful Campbell/Dickinson St. Patrick’s Day Run/Walk. This worthy event could not take place without the help of so many individuals. The race’s coordinator, George Komar, has done an outstanding job in making this event so successful. He has given so much of his time and put so much effort into the race for the good of others. The city of Toronto once again pulled together to make this a day where people can feel proud about helping others. The countless volunteers who give their time are amazing. When times are tough, this is another example of how small town pride shines through.

As a four-year breast cancer survivor, I am humbled to have this race partly named in my honor. I am proud to represent survivors and my hometown. The support I have received for the last four years has continued and this event is just another example. I am so happy that so many citizens can come together and raise so much money to help others fighting cancer. As well as giving back to cancer patients through the Teramana T.E.A.R. Fund, this event gives to Toronto’s Revitalization Committee.

In closing, I can’t thank everyone enough who helped, donated or participated in this race. The citizens of this valley should be proud.

Jenny Dickinson