Indian Creek won’t listen to voters

To the editor:

The Indian Creek Local Board of Education decided to again place the levy on the May 7 ballot. Didn’t we just have a levy vote (March 6, 2012, and Nov. 6, 2012) that was a fair representation of our district?

Those in favor of the levy were well organized. They had television ads, several printed ads and inserts appeared in this paper. There where posters throughout the district. They were supported not only by this paper but many businesses, professionals and politicians. Yet the majority of the voters rejected the levy by 532 votes in March and 669 in November. Besides an additional cost to the district – $2,000 to $3,000 – what is there to be gained? Could it be they hope some who voted against the levy would not participate in a special ballot, thereby securing voter participation more favorable to their supporters? Would this be a fair representation of the district? Prior to each election, the Herald-Star reminds us to exercise our right to vote. After an election is it proper to question how a person voted? The 5,274 who cast their ballots against the levy in November should be very angry that Superintendent John Rocchi and the board discarded their votes – no one should have that right.

Each one knows someone who didn’t vote. Call and remind them Rocchi and the board wish to discard their votes. In the Oct. 18 edition of the Herald-Star, Rocchi said: “We won’t quit until we get a new high school.” With that statement he shows a complete disregard for those who do not agree with him. He plans on doing what previous Superintendent Jene Watkins did and keep placing it on the ballot until he gets a favorable vote. Those who are not registered, you must do so by April 18. You may call the election board office at (740) 283-8522 and they will send you a registration form to be filled out and mailed in. You may also register at our public library or the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Once registered, if you are unable to make it to your voting precinct, you must call and request an absentee ballot. Please, property owners, you must vote. Rocchi and his board are hoping for a light turnout. Don’t let this happen.

Please drive by the former Wintersville Elementary School on Fernwood Road and see what a very nice building the Jefferson County Christian School has. This is the building that Watkins and his school board said should be condemned. This building was purchased by the Christian school in March 2012 for $1.1 million. I haven’t heard anyone question the quality of the education students receive at the Christian school, and the building has nothing to do with it. You must have students willing and able to learn and the most qualified teachers able to communicate. The desk the student sits at will teach him or her nothing.

Robert R. DeFrank