Don’t count Mingo Junction out

To the editor:

As a village, we have been hit hard by the loss of RG Steel. We have struggled to provide and maintain services for our community. We have some great people and organizations in Mingo who will not just walk away because times are tough. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all they do.

On April 15, I attended the annual Downtown Business Association’s Cherry Blossom Memorial Park Ceremony. This park was dedicated to all of the former educators and support staff who played a role in the lives of the students that walked through the halls of Mingo High School. They are memorialized on the wall, and there are trees planted in honor of their service and dedication.

During the sixth-annual tree ceremony, children from Hills School came down and were taught the history of the trees and also the memorial wall. They were shown how to care for the trees and what the purpose was behind them.

They also raised three flags, the American Flag, state of Ohio flag and a red and black flag representing Mingo High School. The state of Ohio flag was presented by Congressman Bill Johnson’s assistant Sarah Poulton. Congressman Johnson had this flag flown then presented to us.

I would like to thank Jim and Kathy Freiling and Bob Smith for starting this project and for continuing it.

Our Mingo Woman’s Club just sponsored a Mystery Dinner Theater with proceeds to benefit Mingo youth projects. They sold 114 tickets and it was considered a great success. They have fundraisers throughout the year and are always helping our youth.

The Mingo Lions Club continues to support community projects. Last year they gave 60 trees to fourth-grade Hills School pupils so that they could plant the trees and watch them grow. This club is a very small chapter, but they always make a big impact, and are always looking for new members.

The Mingo Revitalization Committee is determined to help with beautification projects and economic growth. Our group of volunteers work with the administration and community to make our village a better place to live and to raise a family.

Mingo might be down, but do not count us out. We will rebound with the help of these fine organizations, volunteers and the great people we have here. Thank you for being willing to donate your time and efforts to help our struggling community. It is appreciated.

Jodilynn Fitzgerald

Mingo Junction