Stronger words to those involved

To the editor:

As an Ohio ex-pat, I must comment on your recent rape trial. I am a graduate of Bay Village High School 1955, Miami University 1962 and the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine 1966 and am now a retiring physician in Oklahoma City. My only daughter was born in Ohio. Thus you can see why these rapes have affected me so strongly. Most of my family lives in your area. This has embarrassed me as an Ohioan, but I am proud that the state of Ohio is stepping forward. The victim’s mother gave a powerful statement at the trial. Mine would have been far stronger:

“A man learns to protect the fair sex at the knees of his parents and from his church, and from his schools and even on the athletic fields. Your parents and your community have failed you. People with no conscience or compassion are called sociopaths. A sociopath who harms people is a psychopath. The state of Ohio, to its great credit, will for the next several years attempt to teach you what your parents and community did not.

If you fail to learn respect and compassion, your rape conviction will follow you and the next time you harm a woman, you will be caged. These rapes began in the home of one of these boys. Where were his parents and what kind of people are these? Not one boy in the crowd stepped forward to protect my daughter. Was everyone there sick? Instead they filmed the rapes and put them on the Internet. And as you would expect, members of this community are mad at my daughter for standing up and harming the high school football team. There is a terrible moral lapse here and I pray that the parents can come to terms with what they have begot, and that the churches and schools can find where they have failed to produce men we can be proud of.”

Dr. David Brinker

Oklahoma City