Questions about advertisement

To the editor:

My letter is in response to and advertisement published in the March 17 edition titled “The Truth Needs to be Told,” in which Barbara Obenrader directed some scathing allegations against my parish pastor in regards to how her perception of how her sibling, Brother Patrick Geary, was dismissed from employment at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. I shall keep this response very simple by enumerating the following facts:

First, Brother Patrick was employed “at will” and not by contract.

Second, Brother Patrick is in perpetual vows in a Diocesan Right Institute of Consecrated Life; that is, he is morally and canonically obliged to strict observance of poverty, chastity and obedience. Consequently, a religious would necessarily violate the vow of poverty by being “attached” to anything, even a pen, let along a particular assignment or duty.

Third, Brother Patrick’s rights, whether civil or canonical, have not been violated.

Fourth, my pastor’s rights, however, have been violated by virtue of the right to a good reputation and name, in which the writer felt at liberty to smear by accusing him of “hatred.”

Fifth, the metropolitan archbishop of Cincinnati has no jurisdiction in this case and, therefore, sending him letters will avail one nothing.

John Huggins