Letter sparks many comments

To the editor:

Regarding Scott Carlton’s letter on March 24 (“Steubenville needs God’s blessing”), I would like to take issue with some of his comments. According to him, Jefferson Count Sheriff Fred Abdalla is the worst sheriff in the country. Upon what does he base this? It’s all right to have an opinion, but it should be based on some facts. Evidently, the people living here, and not in Houston, feel he is doing his job as he continues to get re-elected.

The writer then states that the Steubenville Police Department is the worst in the nation. Amazing – we lead the nation in bad police protection, both in the county and in the city. Yes, LaBelle View, as well as Pleasant Heights, were wonderful areas at one time. Parts of them still are, but changes in the economy and demographics have changed this. I would like for the writer to tell us how to station police officers on every corner of every block on LaBelle View. What crystal ball does he have that tells him when and where a drug buy is going to take place, or any other crime for that matter? And, who are the professionals he wants hired? The last time I checked, police are required to have training in law enforcement and be certified in firearms before they can be hired. The police have a hard enough time preventing and solving crimes when there are no witnesses, or worse yet, witnesses who refuse to come forward with information.

Finally, if things are so bad, why does he fly here every fall to watch “some” Big Red games? It’s hard to believe he only “may” forego coming this fall. I certainly can’t believe he would come to see a team coached by a man for whom he has no respect and holds in such disrepute or to a town with the worst police protection in the nation. After all, we have to maintain our integrity.

John J. Mascio