Kasich Medicaid plan hurts Ohio

To the editor:

Mike Gonidakis, chairman of Ohio Right to Life, recently came out in support Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion plan and justified it with a quote, “Our mission is to support life from womb to tomb.”

Gonidakis seems to not understand the huge difference between the sanctity of life from “womb to tomb” and socialist government control from “womb to tomb” that Kasich is promoting in Ohio. Kasich should be promoting a free market strategy to provide for the health care of the poor, not pouring money into a system that is known to be dysfunctional and unsustainable. Kasich and the people of Ohio should understand the resulting financial indebtedness won’t hit Ohioans until he is long gone from the governor’s office.

Anyone who wants to see what government help does for people, just go over to the nearest government housing project and look at the broken lives of good people who have been maneuvered into government dependency from “womb to tomb.” Many of the people you will see in these projects are third and forth generation government dependents.

It is disgraceful to rob these people of their natural human potential, dignity and self respect in the name of God.

Bob Connors