Community will feel effects

To the editor:

I was born and reared in Steubenville and graduated from Steubenville High School in 1956. I moved to Columbus after leaving Ohio University and have resided there ever since. I have always been proud of my hometown and talked often about our neighborhood in the North End where we did not lock our doors, and none of us realized that we were middle class in a blue-collar community. But, life was good.

While I know that there are many good people in Steubenville, this rape trial has been most distressing to all of us alumni. Too many were involved or knew what happened. So, we are back to the same old thing, “good people make poor choices.” That being said, these same people need to pay for their poor choices, including any coaches, administrators, parents or other adults who were involved.

It is too bad that more are not being punished as well … to then have these football heroes treat a female like a piece of garbage is totally unacceptable and a criminal act. I have never written a letter to the editor before but I am incensed about this situation. I truly believe this incident was indeed headed toward a coverup. For this, I am ashamed of Steubenville, but for those hard-working, honest and caring families, I am truly sorry.

Your community will bear the brunt of this for many years to come.

Dee DeGonia