We’re been given a gift

To the editor:

2012 was quite a year, with false predictions, etc., yet our thoughts are aroused to what about the heavens and the Earth? Will sickness be in it like before? No. Question: How so? In the Book of Isaiah, our glorious future is clothed with this statement, as well as everyone who survives the judgment of the nations, and the inhabitant shall not say, “I am sick.”

In Isaiah 33:24 we are also told not to judge anything before the time, because all that is hidden and done in the darkness will be made manifest and brought to the light. God’s written word, which we have among us in the Bible, will reveal the counselors of the hearts.

In I Corinthians 4:5, global warming and famine and all the other things that so easily beset us will be a thing of the past. God’s redemption plan and the great strength of Christ is going to make all things new.

In Revelation 21:1-5, and Isaiah 35:1-9, we learn that redeeming grace takes over completely. There will be one temperature worldwide and the wilderness and the solitary place and the parched ground shall bloom like the rose.

In Isaiah 35:1-10, we learn that even the animals shall dwell together. Also, there will be no threats worldwide, for the Lord will return to the planet Earth, and Psalms 132:13-14, proclaims, “This is my rest forever: Here will I dwell.”

What a gift we have been given wrapped up in a manger, and to help us start the new year with assurance.

Roy W. Hunt