Sad time in Edison

To the editor:

This letter is in regard to the failure of the Edison Local School District levy. This is a very sad time for all the students, teachers, bus drivers, coaches and all of the employees at Edison.

To Superintendent Bill Beattie and the school board, you are commended on your hard work and dedication to our district and the children. Many will lose their jobs, not because they aren’t doing them, but because some 2,000 people decided to vote against the levy. Shame on you for not supporting our future. This will affect you in the long run if we continue to not support them. The property values on our houses will depreciate, and small businesses and churches will be hurt. As a homeowner, I will have a tough time selling.

I have two grandsons in the district, and my daughter is a teacher. They love their school and want to remain in this area with their friends, teachers and staff. It is time to let go of all the old grudges and think of the importance of our children and their education. Remember, Edison Local has the highest scores in Jefferson County and has been designated as excellent with distinction.

My husband and I are both retired and live on a budget, but we have always voted for the school levies, and we always will. One day these students will be taking care of us, and I can only hope they will support me. When brought up in a caring and supporting community, it would only be human nature to follow suit. Unfortunately, it isn’t happening, but we can change and show them we care – make them want to live here.

If we ever have another chance to vote, I would hope that you would have it in your heart to vote for the levy. This is the right thing to do for the children in our community. W can only hope the Edison Wildcats will somehow survive. Thanks to all of the people who voted “yes” and are working so hard to make it happen. Finally, to all the school districts, we hope you will keep us in your prayers. Go Wildcats.

Sandy Russell