Questions about Edison levy

To the editor:

Why are all the papers children in the Edison Local School District bring home and even mailings we receive so full of negatively?

As a voter, I am turned off by mud-slinging campaigns, and the school board’s notices of negative things likewise have turned me off. Instead of saying, “If the levy isn’t passed we will stop busing, close buildings, lay off personal or cut out classes such as music and art that are just as important in our children’s education to help them become balanced adults,” why not give us some positive feedback about what the levy will help do in our district?

Will it help bring our children’s education into the 21st century, will it encourage teachers to build on their programs.

I believe more voters especially, the elderly and those on fixed incomes, would be more willing to vote for a levy if we were given the good the levy would provide.

Bigger buildings and sports centers are not going to prepare the children of Edison for the real world unless we have the personal and curriculum that is needed to give a quality education. So my question is, “What will the levy do for Edison if it is passed?”

Beverly Pethtel