Pleasant Hill will be missed

To the editor:

My heart goes out to all the children at Pleasant Hill Elementary School and their families.

The 2,000-plus wonderful people of the Edison Local School District have voted down a levy that would have kept an excellent elementary school open.

Since I started substitute teaching, I have always said that Pleasant Hill is the warmest and most inviting school I have been in. The teachers show every day, and in a million ways, how much they care for their students – the principal cares so much about his school – and the students thrive there. It is an amazing place – and now it will close.

I’m not being nostalgic – it’s not because this is where I went to school, it’s because during the past three years I have come to see that Pleasant Hill is a very special place with a very special group of people.

Edison Local lost something Tuesday it can never replace.

Jennifer Barnett