Lights could make difference

To the editor:

On Jan. 28, my sister-in-law, Sue Caniff, was struck by a car while crossing county Road 22A in Wintersville.

She was flown by medical helicopter from the scene to UPMC in Pittsburgh. She was in critical condition for a couple of weeks but has since returned to Steubenville for long-term rehabilitation. Since her accident, my family and I have come to find out that several people have been hit by cars and killed on that stretch of road due to no lighting.

My question is, if there have been several accidents and people seriously hurt or killed, why haven’t officials come in and put lights up? If a few lights would save a life, it would be well worth it. Another person might not lose their life or go through what she is going through now, and another family might not have to go through what her two daughters and I did and still are doing.

Someone please check into this and see what can be done.

Brenda Snider

Mingo Junction