Liberals should face the facts

To the editor:

It’s time that liberals face facts about themselves and live in the real world. They are like monkeys who hear nothing, see nothing and refuse to face reality. Facts are facts and our so-called leader cares little about this country. He has done nothing but put us down to terrorist countries and shames us. He was raised under the influence of communist belief by his parents and mentors. Our president should be a true patriot, a citizen of the United States and ban lobbyists’ control of our government.

Party affiliation does not matter as long as our citizens are provided jobs to support themselves. Many individuals area lazy and think they deserve to receive money that other people have earned. If a person proves to be disabled, they should be entitled to receive benefits. Others are abusing the welfare system by having children to line their pockets. Before welfare, people accepted responsibility for their own lives by working hard. Putting half the country on welfare weakens people’s bodies, souls and minds. There are generations who have lived their entire lives on welfare taught to them by their parents. Committing welfare fraud must be stopped. Remember the old saying, “You made your bed, now lie in it.”

This country was once a self-sufficient nation and produced quality products. Government is to blame for enhancing corporate welfare and enticing corporations to outsource our jobs to foreign countries. Now, we must rely on imports that are nothing but junk from China. It’s time that our government does more to protect the U.S. economy by bringing our industry back where it originated. Enough is enough. It’s time for all Americans to come together and let our government know it needs to put America first.

Obama lied about health care and all that he does is lie. What did then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say? “We’ll read the bill after it is signed.” What a joke for millions who will lose their insurance plans. Our privacy is being invaded by implementing a centralized, computer health care system to store our medical data, permitting access to our confidential medical records. What about those “privacy statements” we are required to sign at every doctor’s office?

There are injustices of many kinds. One does not have to be an Einstein to know right from wrong. Our freedoms are being undermined. Satellites can pinpoint an individual from space, drones are used for surveillance and cameras are mounted on buildings, in stores and at intersections. Be aware – Big Brother is watching our every move.

The mainstream news media report only half-truths. They, too, bury their heads. News should be the facts, regardless of political party. Why are they afraid of reporting the truth? The Herald-Star has the right to print the views expressed by all people as protected by our First Amendment rights.

Gilda Birmingham