Insults from all sides

To the editor:

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and others have made a pretty good living out of vilifying, name calling and making up crazy conspiracy theories about President Barack Obama, Democrats and progressives.

Although both sides do engage in this behavior, and I can be counted as one, it by no means and in no way can be considered to be a situation of equity. There is nothing equal about this supposition.

Aside from the aforementioned tea party crowd on the national front, it permeates and pervades down to the local level with no less enthusiasm.

As I refuse to simply stick my head in the sand like some socio-political ostrich, a casual perusal of the editorial pages of the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times will certainly prove my point beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I began to count the insults hurled toward the left and toward the right. Without any surprise to me, the count was 29 to 1. Even the one I counted from the left was a bit of a stretch. The writer stated that the Republicans were obstructing the president. I counted that as calling them obstructionists.

Just to sharpen my point, it is not only the number of names called but the severity of the names that backs my view. The following is only a partial list because I have a limit to adhere to: worst, done nothing, idiots, lazy freeloaders, hysterical, demagogues, emperor, people of ill will, henchmen, Marxist and killer.

I saved the worst for last. One bonehead actually said this – “Elite liberals gleeful when some depraved whacko shoots up a school and kills innocent children.” I cannot express in print what I think of this person’s accusal of myself and others of like mind. My belief is that this comment not only requires an apology to us but, in fact, to humanity.

Still equal?

My assessment of this concept is that the insults of the moment are not what render your ilk apoplectic, but simply the direction in which they travel.

An insult that begins on the right and moves toward the left is exulted, encouraged and esteemed. On the other hand, if an insult begins on the left and travels toward the right, all bets are off, feelings are hurt and the righteous cry of foul rises up from the bowels of the beleaguered standard bearers of all that is perfect and moral and beyond any criticism. Does your side recognize sarcasm as well as straight-forward insults?

By the way, I just can’t help myself. This analogy of your side about more people being killed by hammers than assault weapons is painfully inadequate. On one level, just about everyone has two or three hammers. How many assault rifles with extended ammo magazines do you have? On another level, one of my sweet dreams is that the murderer who came to Sandy Hook Elementary School on that December day would have shown up with a hammer.

Bob Atkinson