Gun control a distraction

To the editor:

During the presidential campaign, two major incidents happened, first was that on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya, four Americans were murdered and the reason given by the administration was a video, but other sources reported that it was a planned assault and it was watched in real time. When help was requested, orders were given to “stand down” (take no action). On Sept. 17, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were present at the returning of the bodies of the deceased Americans, announcing they would bring the people responsible to justice.

On Oct. 29, Hurricane Sandy became a super storm and hit the United States. Homes and business damages are estimated in the $100 billion range. On Oct. 31, Obama went to New Jersey. Obama stated that, “Our biggest priority is getting the power turned back on.”

On Nov. 6, Obama wins re-election.

On Dec. 14, Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook School and murdered 26 innocent souls. On Jan. 16, at a prayer vigil at the school, Obama went to give the nation’s condolences and proposed gun control at that time. On the days that followed, gun control became the No. 1 topic of the administration and the media.

On Jan. 21, Obama began his second term at a cost of $169 million to taxpayers. On Jan. 23, Clinton is called before Congress to testify about Benghazi. She says she takes responsibility, but she’s not responsible. “What difference does it make, anyway.” Also, no one has been brought to justice, but the man who produced the video that had nothing to do with the attack is in jail. On Jan. 25, there are still victims of Sandy without electricity, heat and water. On Jan. 27, immigration reform is next on the agenda for the Democrats and the Obama administration. On Jan. 31, the U.S. jobless rate was one of the worst in industrial world. (Washington Times)

The Obama administration is one of the most dishonest and lying administrations in the history of this country. Gun control and immigration are a distraction from the real problems that we as a nation face.

We the people are their bosses and they work for us. It is time to remind our representatives in Congress and the Obama administration that during the presidential race of 2012 and Senate and House elections, the top priority of the American people was the economy. This has not changed – the economy, jobs, a budget and fixing our debt are our priorities and we want action, now.

Merica Petrella