Government thinks we are stupid

To the editor:

Have you ever heard of the acronym K.I.S.S.? It stands for Keep it Simple, Stupid. Well, I’m going to try. Here’s a story for you:

There once was a village of 100 people. All they had to eat was beans. Now, seven of the people were too old or too young to grow and contribute beans to the pot. Five were too sick to help out, but all 100 ate from the pot. After a drought and flu outbreak, 12 were too sick, seven too old and 11 couldn’t grow any beans because of the drought. Only 70 were now trying to fill the pot, but all 100 ate from the pot. They ate less, but they ate.

Alas, their problems got worse. Ten more were unable to grow on their plots and 10 more became sick from not having enough to eat. Only 50 were contributing, but all 100 ate. Now, some of the contributors said they were going to other villages, where the majority could fill the pot. Now, 30 work, 50 don’t work and 20 have left. There is fighting for beans because 30 can’t feed 80. As you can imagine, it only got worse. The end was near. The end.

P.S. – There is always a P.S. The village had received a letter from Big Brother that said he was coming to take 10 percent of the beans to feed the federal workers who contributed nothing to the pot. Now, that’s really the end.

Even if you are on welfare, food stamps, SSI, Social Security or some other government program, you have to see that with 50 percent of Americans contributing and 50 percent not, the system just can’t work.

Wait – I know most folks really need help. I’m on Social Security myself. But, let’s be honest – we all know people who are gaming the system. We also know that most people, given the chance, would not work for cash and would collect benefits. We let them take our jobs overseas and close our mills and mines. Washington and the people running our politicians think we’re too stupid to take care of ourselves. They tell us what to eat, what to drink, what lightbulbs to use and so on.

Wake up – insist on one term for all state and federal offices, outlaw lobbyists and insist on deregulation so businesses can get going again. Quit giving foreign aid to those who want to kill us. Not politically correct? Too bad. Radical Muslims want to kill us, but will enjoy our system in the meantime. Illegals want to enjoy our system, but don’t want to pay taxes or for medical care, so they sneak in, say give me a driver’s license, a medical card and the right to vote, but they don’t want to wait in line like honest folks do.

This might be read by a few thousand people, but young folks, with their social media, could enlighten and unite the masses. Do it or lose it.

Cliff Foley