District’s response offers insight

To the editor:

So, the Edison Local school levy has been voted down once more. That is not much of a surprise, considering that they have tried to pass it for the last several years, all of which ended with the voters saying “no.” The response of the district should be met with outrage, especially by the property owners who have children in high school.

The response of the district is to close Pleasant Hill Elementary School and end bus transportation for high school students. First and foremost, the kids who will attend Pleasant Hill are going to have a long bus ride, which is unfair to the kids that will have an hour or more a day sitting on a bus. Second, and most important, is that high school students, many of which have no other way to get to school other than a bus, cannot get to school without transportation provided by parents (many of which work and/or may not be able to do so), or by riding with other students that have vehicles.

This is an outrage, and it shows the true intentions of the district. Those intentions are “you will pass the levy or you will suffer.” The property owners who have children in high school should seek counsel to be absolved of their tax obligations since they are paying for a service that should be provided yet is being denied. The schools are supposed to educate students, yet their contingency plan is to deny students an education by way of eliminating some student’s only way to get to school instead of eliminating excess teaching staff.

There is something seriously wrong with that idea. considering that their teacher-to-student ratio hovers just under 15:1. How about letting some teachers go? This country, this area, is suffering through tough economic times and sometimes, the answers are not easy. For most of us taxpayers, when production is slowed or halted due to economic conditions, we are laid off. Instead of tightening their belts like the rest of us, the schools simply pass the punishment on to the taxpayer by using children as a hostage.

Voters, especially taxpayers with school age children need to take notice. This is not about your child’s education, it is about survival of a bureaucracy, and job security for teachers and administrators, nothing more.

Ryan Garman