A way to honor DiNardo

To the editor:

Steubenville has had so much bad publicity lately that I would like to make a suggestion that would give us a shot in the arm. I am asking my many wonderful Catholic friends to rename Catholic Central High School as Cardinal DiNardo High School. He is the archbishop of Galveston-Houston, and he was born in Steubenville. If there is going to be an American pope in our lifetime, it could well be this great man. I personally don’t know him, but I have many friends who do. They think the world of him. They are encouraging me to pursue this idea.

His eminence is a very humble man, and he may not want to go along with the idea unless we convince him that he would be doing us a greater honor than we would be doing him. I think we could convince him that Steubenville needs his help. If he knew how much trouble we are in, I’m sure he would go along with the idea of having the school named after him.

I welcome your thoughts. You can reach me at fieryscott@yahoo.com. If there is support for this idea, I can contact his eminence or the church in Steubenville could contact him. I would suggest that my friends do it, since they know him. He needs to know that he is very popular not only with the Catholic community in Steubenville, but also with the Protestant and Jewish communities.

Someone said that the people of Central might not want to change the name because of the great tradition the school has. But wouldn’t renaming the school for a church giant from Steubenville enhance that tradition? After all, Youngstown has its Cardinal Mooney and that is a school steeped in tradition. Why can’t Steubenville have its Cardinal DiNardo?

Please send me your thoughts.

R. Scott Carlton