Think twice before voting

To the editor:

Attention, homeowners and renters of the Edison Local School District – you are being asked to pass a 9.45-mill school levy on Feb. 5. If it passes, it will go into the general fund, and the school board can do with it as it pleases. It is not all about the kids – it will go into salaries, wages and benefits.

Here are some facts from the Edison Local School District Basic Financial Statements Summary: full-time teachers and employees of the district are covered through Medical Mutual of Ohio Employee Group Insurance. Here is a look at monthly premiums: an individual pays $55 a month; we pay $745.18 a month. An individual with one dependent pays $75 a month; we pay $1,486.80 a month. For family coverage, an individual pays $95 a month; we pay $2,175.36 a month.

I know the laid-off millworkers, Social Security recipients and minimum wage workers don’t have that kind of coverage.

Now, about the levy: this levy goes on top of your existing levy. My taxes would go up $194.49 on top of what I pay now. I know some whose rates will go up to $257.27 and $233.35. You renters know your landlords will raise your rent to cover this increase.

You, as educators, teach our students that you can’t pay out more than you receive. We are levied and taxed out.

I have one more thing to add, and then it’s up to the voters. I went to a meeting at Pleasant Hill Elementary School not long ago when former Superintendent David Quattrochi was holding the meeting. Gov. John Kasich had asked the people of Ohio to vote Issue 5 in, and the teachers and the union said he was out to break the union. I am a union man and know this to not be true. All he asked was for the teachers to go to arbitration and pay a little more on their health care and retirement.

I asked Quattrochi what money was taken from the schools that the state was giving Edison, and his answer was, “A lot of money.” Now, whose fault is it that Issue 5 went down.

I think the state needs to come up with other means of funding schools.

Please think twice before voting.

Art Holinger