There are good folks in Steubenville

To the editor:

In light of the horrible press that Steubenville has been getting lately, I’d like to tell a story about how good Steubenville people are.

A few days ago, I received a private group inbox message (about 45 people) on Facebook from a friend of mine with a special request. She explained that a friend of hers (and mine) had just had a mastectomy for breast cancer and was looking to help out the family. They have three children, two school age and an infant. She was trying to organize some meals to be prepared for the family during her recovery.

Within about one hour, every single one of those people that she made this request to responded and meals were set up to be brought to their house for every day of the month for January. There were also friends who were bringing snacks, paper supplies and drinks to this family. Not one of these friends said no. The outpouring of love, support and friendship for this family was amazing. Steubenvile has good people.

Cynthia Clark