No more attempts to hide the truth

To the editor:

My dismay over the rape in Steubenville has me perplexed and, again, I am reminded how decent and well-intentioned human beings can be so wrong in their action or inaction.

I must precede my comments and opinions with my most humble and sincere concern and sympathy for the young victim and her family. My first message is to the perpetrators, including the prosecutor, judge, local police and sheriff’s department. Please come clean in the interest of justice and healing for the community – do it for your town. Any further attempt to hide the truth, which will eventually come out, will only delay any hopes of returning to normalcy in your small community. It is clear there are so many individuals who have either hidden or attempted to hide the truth and even went to great lengths to avoid any arrests from day one.

First, Ma’lik Richmond and Trenton Mays need to come forward and tell the truth of what they did and the condition of the victim while they were violating her. They must also come forward and identify any other perpetrators or onlookers, as they need to also be held accountable. The local police, sheriff and prosecutor must come forward as to why they tried to hide this incident under the rug and why they attempted to discourage the victim and her family from filing charges. City Manager Cathy Davison, with the support of her city council, should immediately come clean and investigate the police department’s investigation or lack thereof. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla really needs a wake-up call … he wants to investigate the protesters instead of the crime on the young lady. How bizarre is that? I wish the feds would come in and investigate him. Perhaps if the Justice Department became involved, the entire truth would surface as there are so many trying to hide the facts.

Take a closer look at the high school football coach – something really smells there. He didn’t discipline any other football players because those kids told him, “We didn’t do anything wrong.” If the school superintendent has any courage, let that coach go now. If the community really wants to come together, then it should all be supporting that the entire truth come out, and if the high school football program is at risk, so be it! To the prosecutor, what was your role here and what are you hiding? As a parent, you don’t want your children to learn that saving a football program is more important than the truth.

I wish the community of Steubenville well in its healing and carrying out of justice – that is the best outcome one could hope for.

Ernesto Olivares

Gilroy, Calif.