Moral laws stop killings

To the editor:

Recently, a newspaper posted names and addresses of all the gun owners in two counties in its state. While this imbecilic action not only endangered the lives of gun owners, including those of police and guards in local jails and prisons, it also encouraged anger against gun owners as our nation is still in mourning as the result of the most recent tragedy of a murderous attack by a man using a gun, thus making gun owners look like criminals.

As imbecilic as this was, this newspaper didn’t just put gun owners in harm’s way from attacks from the naive who believe American citizens are better served not owning guns and should be at the mercy of a government the Founders would not recognize today, they have also put those who do not own guns in even greater peril, I believe. I know if I was a criminal and was going to rob a home I would much rather choose one that is gun-free. I might even send a thank-you note to the newspaper.

For all of you who love printing in an imbecilic manner, please look at both sides of the coin. Please look before you leap. Please print responsibly. I know if I lived in one of those counties after this article was printed and I didn’t own a gun, I wouldn’t be sleeping as comfortable as I was the day before this imbecilic article was printed in “The Journal News” located in a north side suburb of New York.

No, I won’t publish the names and addresses of those involved in printing this imbecilic irresponsible article and put citizens in harm’s way. Yet, I will say the article involving the Journal can be found online by doing a search. Search for: “Journal prints the names and address of gun owners.” I found a link to an article about the journal by doing this search.

The last thing I would say is violence is the result of hatred. It’s not the tool that kills. It’s hatred that kills. You want to stop the killings in our streets, then stop hating, start loving. Hatred is produced as the result of a decaying immoral society. As morality decreases, hatred increases. More laws will not stop the killings. Moral laws will.

Randall M. Sims