Liberalism can’t get it right

To the editor:

As I write this, America is still awaiting word on the Benghazi issue. Just as Hillary Clinton was preparing to testify, she became ill, suffering a concussion. Anyone want to bet that the concussion somehow affects her memory?

Now, our ambassador to Yemen is targeted by a $100,000 al-Qaeda bounty. Will the Obama cadre ignore this, as they did the Benghazi facility’s multiple pleas for increased security?

In my opinion, what the recent local teen rape incident and the Sandy Hook school shootings share in common is the scarcity of traditional values taught in our public schools and, sadly -and perhaps resultingly – in many homes.

Also, the “outcome-based” philosophy espoused by some modern educators often focuses more on artificially building self-esteem than on actual education, leading to dumbing-down of curricula, and reduced standards of work and discipline. This sometimes results in inner-directed, entitled, arrogant children who aren’t much concerned with the consequences of their actions.

This thinking has also led some schools in the country to ban healthy, competitive games like dodgeball, relay races and tag, and even for some “educators” to recommend discontinuing the teaching of math and sciences in U.S. schools, because certain students may not perform as well as others, possibly affecting self-esteem.

Better that they should all be ignorant, government-dependent lumps with undeservedly strong self-images.

More liberal idiocy on parade:

Following Hurricane Sandy, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a decree concerning those wishing to volunteer food for homeless shelters: nothing home-cooked. This was – literally – because there would be no way the pencil-pushing bureaucrats could “assess the nutritional value” of said donated foods. Sanitary issues were also cited.

No yummy soups, holiday hams or turkeys, and definitely no cakes, pies or cookies – wouldn’t want the homeless making poor dietary choices. Like that was the worst of their worries.

Bloomberg is the same guy, incidentally, whose administration has banned any soda sizes more than 16 ounces from being sold in restaurants, and is considering further dietary regulation.

You can’t spell “nanny” without “NY.”

Don’t try to make decisions for yourselves, people – that’s way too risky. The government knows what’s best, and if they can’t convince you to do what they think is best, they’ll simply coerce your obedience, using the subtle, indirect force of regulatory law.

Speaking of volunteering, even with vast swaths of New York and New Jersey languishing without utilities, the vastly overwhelmed union electrical workers, plumbers and truck drivers vehemently resisted assistance freely offered by nonunion professionals.

Now, this might make perfect sense to union members, but to me, it’s ludicrous.

I guess protecting union jobs, none of which would actually have been affected, incidentally, because there was more than enough work for all involved, is more important than biting the bullet, grudgingly accepting even undesired help and restoring service to hundreds of thousands of people freezing in the dark with winter storms on the way.

Bloomberg and the unions; only liberalism will ask people to volunteer their time and services, and then refuse, imposing guidelines.

Rob Denham