Let’s help crime victims

To the editor:

The entire idea behind crime victims’ rights is to return the victim as much as possible to the life he or she had before the crime was committed. April is National Crime Victims Month. Victims of crime need many things, most of which can be quite expensive.

Those gathered in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse ask, “How can I help?” They can donate – victims need counseling and professional help, and, folks, it ain’t cheap, even when organization – and many do – donate services at discounted rates. Doctors can give, too.

Why don’t all the doctors who work in and live in Jefferson County give one hour in wages to victims’ rights? Why don’t the universities give as well? The schools could give all proceeds from one home game to victims’ rights.

We cannot change what has happened, but we can change the future, as Whitney Houston sang, “Find your strength in love … ” from “The Greatest Love of All.”

I have cared for more than 20 years – this is experience talking, God bless you all.

Michael Traubert

President, Hancock,

Brooke Ohio Counties

Crime Victims Inc.