Government attacks Hemingway cats

To the editor:

Our great leader and his comrades have now achieved their ultimate triumph in leading the country. They are going after the Hemingway cats in Key West, Fla. Wow – that’s serious business.

The Hemingway Museum and Foundation cares for the polydactyl cats that are a tourist attraction. Busybodies should learn a little compassion of get a hobby. It is a good historical feat they have accomplished in protecting these cats. Take stock, Mr. Leader, and just maybe you can learn how to run our country. A federal appeals court recently sided with the Obama administration, instituting strict regulations governing the cats and ruling the museum has to comply of get rid of them.

Woe are we who must endure four more years of the worst leader this country has ever seen. He has done absolutely nothing during his presidency.

The illegals are being protected by laws and keep coming over our borders; he has not admitted to the failure of his party to protect our ambassador and Navy SEALS from being murdered; he has not admitted or punished those who are responsible for giving arms to the Mexican murderers; he has done nothing to encourage industry to promote jobs and goes out of his way to destroy job growth; and he encourages people to live on welfare, because then he can control the people and the values of this country.

Ask yourself what is he up to – for he and his party did not even pass a budget in the last four years. They are deliberately teaching people to rely on handouts, and this makes us a weak country.

The only thing he has done besides humiliating this country is to go after Hemingway’s sanctuary cats. Now, isn’t that brave of him, or maybe he plans on having cat meat for dinner. The Hemingway cats should be protected from idiots in and out of government. Hemingway’s money pays for their safety and privilege.

The joke is on we the people who care about our country and good values. The lazy freeloaders and those who vote party instead of common sense are the ones to blame when the country fails. When it does, and it will, our brave leader will turn on the freeloaders, telling them to go fend for themselves. We need a patriot who really cares about our country, for we were always the greatest and most giving in the world – that is until the communist nuts invaded our government. They want to destroy our Constitution that we were founded on and has made us great.

If you are a true American, wake up before we no longer have a free country. Now, our leader has been given the power to round up, detain and imprison American citizens in the United States, denying them any of their constitutional rights and using the military to perform more of his dirty work.

Gilda Birmingham