GOP doesn’t care about the people

To the editor:

The efforts to avoid the fall of the fiscal cliff have turned into a circus, with the same clowns leading the parade into the big top. It never seems to matter what solutions are put forth by the president, the clowns in the House of Representatives don’t like it. They send out their ringmaster to start the show, with the threat that he’ll lose his speakership if he doesn’t follow their marching orders. So, he agonizes over every line of their counter-proposal, knowing that it will not meet the needs of the country, while his second in command keeps stabbing him in the back.

The Republicans in the House are a total disgrace. They are so messed up that they can’t even pass a plan that’s submitted by their own leader. We see a political fight for power and control that is setting a course for disaster. John Boehner and Eric Cantor are fighting for control of their party, while the people of this nation get pushed to the side. It’s disgusting to watch. These people act as some tribesmen from the Amazon jungle who would rather cannibalize their party than put the country on a path to growth and recovery. Like a piranha at hatching time, they are eating their own to stay at the top of the food chain.

One thing you can say about the bozos is that they’ll never be called patriots, nor will they ever be known as responsible leaders who put their political goals aside and did what was best for the nation. Their gift to the country at this time of year is their own lust for power and control, and a tax increase for the workers in the lower and middle classes.

Merry Christmas, folks, brought to you by the Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Stan Galownia