Even higher taxes on the way

To the editor:

Enjoying less money in your paycheck, higher meat, produce, heating prices yet? A can of Campbell’s soup at Wal-Mart: $1. Thank you, President razzle-dazzle Obuma.

Wait until Jan. 1, 2014, when Obamacare kicks in. You’ll consider this tax increase a blessing compared to what’s coming. Pinocchio Nancy Pelosi with her plastic smile said more taxes will be coming. Guess she finally read Obamacare. But those who don’t pay taxes don’t care. I wouldn’t either if I got free cell phones, medication, food stamps, rent subsidies etc. Who will carry me when I run out of savings – the 48 percent now getting entitlements? “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” – Henry Ford.

Stan Galownia stated that House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor ” act as some tribesmen from the Amazon jungle.” (“GOP doesn’t care about people,” Jan. 6.) If I replace the above names with Obama when describing his bone-headed polices, think I’d be called racist?

Al Gore, a typical liberal, in December stated that “Guys like me should pay our fair share,” and then tried to close a deal on selling his defunct TV channel before Dec. 31 to avoid tax increases. He hates oil, but sells his channel to oil-wealthy Arabs. What hypocrisy – but I don’t expect anything better from his type. Remember their motto: “Do what I think is best for you. Not what I do.”

Let’s have the government reform gun rights of citizens and put the monitoring and enforcement under Attorney General Eric Holder – why not, he did such a find job with Fast and Furious.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton’s boo-boo would disqualify her from running for president. If she testifies that she can’t remember anything about Benghazi, how can she be president? Why haven’t we seen Bill Clinton during her illness? He’s probably around not having sex with any women.

Time’s person of the year: Obama. It should have been the thousands of aborted babies, but Time doesn’t consider them people. Just think where we would be if Obama’s mother had one. Guess I’ll be called racists for this.

Some have commented on the Herald-Star’s letters page that I should watch some atheist propaganda website for the truth and, these pseudo-psychiatrists claim that I hate atheists. Not true, I don’t really care about them, just exposing their agenda. I have all the rights they have to express my opinions. Being a Christian isn’t a suicide pact. Think about what I just said. What does an atheist say or do after the Sandy Hook school tragedy? I’ll pray for you, light a candle, go to church? Or, rationalize it has something to do with Darwin’s theory? I’m still waiting for answers as to why some people don’t make such a fuss about Muslim Ramadan and Islamic footbaths in government funded colleges.

Barry Bardone