Edison students deserve support

To the editor:

What does it take for you to realize the value of an education?

There is a special election on Feb. 5 for voters in Edison Local School District to vote on a levy to increase taxes.

Those who are against this increase of funding for education will definitely be out there voting, as they have many times. Last time, the levy was defeated by merely one-10th of voters.

What do you have an appreciation for, if not an education. If you think the country is moving in the wrong direction, voting “no” is proof of it.

If you have sufficient funds to go buy more video games, cigarettes, liquor, beer and extra stuff, I feel you are morally obligated to vote “yes” for the school levy, whether you have family attending school or not. It is just as important for the people who don’t have children. And you probably spend $100 on those things a year.

It raises many questions if it fails:

Children may have to get schooling via web studies programs. This is OK for college-age youth, but insufficient guidance for youth still needing the human touch to acquire discipline in studying. That alternative may create anti-social, isolated kids with dangerous rhetoric like the misguided Newtown, Conn., youth who shot 26 people at school.

The busing of students, traveling 90 minutes to John Gregg or Stanton, costs more. This school district is the second largest in Ohio for the distance traveled by students already.

Students, apparently can go to one of the schools in Toronto or Steubenville. Will there be overcrowding? Will that populace someday vote out their schools?

Other district’s buses will not travel out to pick up kids orphaned by their neighbors who vote against an education for them that they themselves were able to get because previous generations valued an education.

Parents will be forced to drive students to schools in Toronto or Steubenville and pick them up. Some kids won’t be able to participate in extracurricular activities because of such burdens.

An education is something the naysayers were privy to, albeit they did not benefit like others, but that is their fault. How can we overcome this disspiriting negativity that is engulfing people to their intolerance?

One answer is for every eligible voter to get out and vote on Feb. 5 for the Edison levy to keep the Pleasant Hill School open for deserving students. Don’t be lazy – even if it is bad weather, it is worth doing for future generations. Be proud of a “yes” vote as children do not have lobbyists speaking for them so they need you to vote “yes” for them.

A “yes” vote means they can become a healthy and constructive part of the community for generations to come. At the times of greatest stress we have to think of the future and not just the present. The only hope in the world is in our children.

Amy Frey